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5 Reasons Why You Might Be Attracting Ants Into Your Home

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5 Reasons Why You Might Be Attracting Ants Into Your Home

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If you find ants in your home, maybe once in a month, you will need to get rid of them but there is nothing much to get worried about. It could be summer and the heat is driving them indoors or simply an isolated case. The cause of worry starts when you spot them every few days. This means you are actually inviting them in for dinner literally! Many things we do cause the ants to scurry to our homes and they all center on food. When one ant finds food, it sends a signal to the rest through certain pheromones and the rest of the colony will join in the party. If you wonder why ants seem to be following a specific path, it is because they are – well, they are following the pheromone secreted by their colleague.

Understand what ant-invitation cards you have sent out in your home and see if you can try to cancel the invitations!

               1.       The spills and crumbs

One common statement is “I will do that later”. We say that when we spill a drink on the counter but do not want to miss a second of our favorite program or when we are too sleepy to get rid of the crumbs. In a matter of minutes, you have ants crawling up. The solution is to obviously clean up after a mess. After having a meal, a snack, cooking, or even doing dishes, ensure you wipe up the counter or table with a damp cloth to remove all sticky messes.

              2.       The dirty dishes in the sink

You may be too tired or simply lazy to do the dishes immediately but do not leave a huge mess at the sink. At least ensure you rid the food remains from the plates into the bin and place the dishes in the sink or in the dishwasher. When you leave them in the sink, pour some water over them to avoid the food sticking on the plates and the scent attracting ants.

              3.       The hurried cleaning

Many people clean the house on a daily basis but they perform a simple hurried clean of the areas one can see. Ensure that at least once in a week you clean under the fridge, the shelves, the microwave, and the area where you keep the bin. These areas tend to accumulate grease from food particles and make a buffet for the ants.

              4.       The open and ripening food

Ripe fruits do not attract ants but fruit flies that are harmless but a great nuisance. Instead of buying ripe groceries buy those about to ripen such that by the time you get to consume them they are not overripe and calling out for flies. Also, do not leave food uncovered even if it is in a dish. Place all food and ripe fruits in the fridge and well covered.

             5.       The wood lying around

If you have wood in your house such as timber or logs you use for firewood or for construction ensure they are kept in a dry areas and away from the ground. Decomposing and wet wood is food for termites and a home to carpenter ants. Once you invite one pest, the rest will come following so make sure you pay attention to this!

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