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5 Types Of Spiders Common In Homes

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5 Types Of Spiders Common In Homes

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The spider is a skillful creature and though small finds its way in all homes even in kings' palaces as the Good Book aptly puts it. They may be comforting words but when you spot a spider in your home, you should not lay low about it. Get the spider removed at once should be a priority. A local pest control service can usually do the job. To be on the safe side, unless you are sure what kind of spider it is, do not attempt to remove it yourself. For the short-term solution, cover your hands completely and do not touch it with your hands get a piece of wood or long plastic to get rid of it then call professional services to inspect your home.

It is best you know the deadly spiders that could be living in your home so that you know when to run or when to smack

     1.       The black house

A common spider species in many homes but the good news is that it is not lethal. Nevertheless, its bite is poisonous and painful. Once bitten by this spider, the victim will experience nausea, vomiting then muscle pains and exhibit severe sweating. To eliminate the black house form your home, check carefully for it under bricks, in high corners of the attic, the shed and even in toilets. Check those windows which are least used for signs of a web along the frames.

     2.       The mouse spider

This spider is nice yet lethal. This means if you do not disturb it, it will not sting you but once you provoke it, its bite is dangerous, and woe unto you if you meet the male mouse spider for its bite can cause death to the victim. The elderly and children are most vulnerable to this bite since their immunity is low and the venom travels fast.

It lives in burrows so check the grounds around the house for any webs or signs of burrowing. Beware of the male especially during the rainy season for this is their prime mating season and it comes out of its burrow searching for a female.

     3.       The hobo

Not the hobo bag but the hobo spider, which has a painless but dangerous bite. When bitten you will fell nothing and even show no symptoms. After one day, the symptoms start appearing and range from headaches, loss of vision and nausea on top of reddening of the bitten area.

      4.       The trap door

Its bite is just highly painful but contains no venom. Like the mouse spider, it lives in burrows around the home and loves dry areas. It is a timid spider but still worth getting rid of it.

      5.       The black widow

You most likely have heard of the legendary widow spider that derives its name from the act of killing its partner. This species is mainly female given that the males never survive beyond the mating. The venom it uses to kill its partner is lethal even to human beings. It is ranked as one of the most deadly spiders in the world hence a bite from it should be treated at once.  If treated early, you could escape with the minor headache instead of the more common attack on the nervous system that most victims experience.

Tell us your experience with spiders and pest control services.