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Colder Weather Drives Rodents Indoors

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Colder Weather Drives Rodents Indoors

Megan Pinneo

Winter is in full swing here in Southern California. Fires are being built in fireplaces, jackets

have been pulled out of hall closets and hot cocoa has replaced ice cream for an evening treat.

As the temperature drops, homes can receive unwelcome guests. Rodents, just like people, are

searching for warmth. According to the National Pest Management Association rodents intrude

21 million homes during winter (Pest World 2019). Rodents will seek shelter under homes,

through holes into attic spaces, in wood piles, in garages and sheds and many other places.

There are many things that homeowners can do to prevent these unwanted critters.

First and foremost clean up any messes in and around your home. Wipe up spills, sweep floors

and clean up any food. Pet food is a easy feeding ground for rodents. Store all pet food in

glass or metal containers. Feed pets inside to prevent leftover pet food from sitting around the

outside of the home. Cut away all branches that are near the home to prevent easy access into

the attic spaces, while doing so check for small holes into the home. While we all love a warm

fire, firewood is a great hiding place for rodents. Stack your firewood away from the house to

keep rodents away.

If your home has already been invaded by these pesky creatures or you have any questions

regarding rodents, Black Knight Pest is available to service you. We will work with you in

removing these unwanted pests. Let our trained experts come out to give you options that will

work best for your family and home. Call our office at (951) 694-8100.