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Black Knight Termite and Pest Control owners have been residing in and serving the Temecula and Murrieta area for over 20 years.  Their goal is to provide customers with the best quality service through their expertise and professionalism.  They are committed to providing on-time service, competitive rates and thorough inspection

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Effective Ways to Pest-Proof your Home

Megan Pinneo

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You can expect cozy flannels, delicious Maple Pecan lattes and messy pumpkin carving this season, but what you won't expect is the influx in pests in and around your home!

Pests often will seek shelter during the Fall and Winter months, particularly rodents, if you aren't adequately prepared. There are many effective ways to pest-proof your house without doing too much. Aside from maintaining your regularly scheduled pest control visits, some of these preventative measures can be as easy as general maintenance. Here's our advice: 

1.) Remove excess clutter, boxes or trash on the outside your home. Ensuring the lids on outdoor trash bins are closed at all times is also helpful. 

2.) Rake up leaves or excessive foliage that may have gathered around planter boxes and bushes overtime.

3.) Cut or trim back overgrown bushes and trees to help alleviate nesting from happening. Branches that lay on the roof are ideal for rodents to crawl onto your home! 

4.) Close up doggy doors, patch holes and/or fix loose piping that all serve as access points for critters. 

5.) Properly store dog food or cat food, preferably in metal bids with a lid that can't be chewed through such as plastic or cardboard. Rodents love nothing more than automatic feeders that are left outside!

All of these are effective methods to deter critters that are looking to escape from the cold and raise their families. If you find that you are hearing scurrying in the ceilings, there is a possibility that rodents are simply running across the roof of your home from the outside. However, if the scurrying persists or you simply would like to know for sure, give Black Knight a call and we can come out to perform a free inspection of your attic or areas of concern. Simply, Black Knight is here to help no matter what your pest problem is! Stay cozy, our friends.

Subterranean Termites

Megan Pinneo

Subterranean Termite Time

Mud Tubes

Example of working Subterranean mud tubes

Example of working Subterranean mud tubes

Have you seen some mud like tubes in or around your home, and wondering what they are? They could be Subterranean Termite mud tubes or shelter tubes, and having a Termite Professional identify them is extremely important before they cause costly damage to your home. Subterranean termites maintain their living space underground and build mud like tubes that connect from the nest up to the food source which is wood. The mud tubes that you see are made up of a mixture of soil, feces and saliva. The tubes follow irregular patters that can seem to be working up, dropping down from the food source or seem to be exploring the wood going off into different directions. You can break open the tubes to check if there are any active termites. Subterranean termites can rebuild damaged tubes which is an indication of continued activity. It is important that you have them identified by a Professional Termite Inspector and have them assess any damage that may have already been caused by the swarm of subterranean termites.

Black Knight Termite Control Service

Black Knight offers many options in termite and pest control services, start off with a free quote today. Black Knight Termite offers a free termite inspection for concerned home owners. At the time of your one on one inspection you are able to have any questions or concerned answered by a professional. They can assess the damages and offer you an estimate on what it would be to treat or repair the damage to your home. They can let you know if a heat treatment or fumigation would be the best option for you. What ever your need in eradicating the termite infestation Black Knight Termite can help. At Black Knight we do all the work ourselves.

Termite Week

Megan Pinneo

March 13th through the 19th is officially Termite Awareness Week.

Here are some Termite Fun Facts:

  • Termite colonies eat non-stop for 24hrs 7 days a week.
  • Termites are helpful decomposers as they are vital in the health of our forests.
  • Termites shed their wings once they have found a place to build their nest.
  • Drywood and subterranean termites eat wood, wallpaper, fabrics and plastics made from plants.
  • Termite workers and soldiers are almost always blind.
  • When termites detect a threat they tap a warning signal to the rest of the colony.
  • Termites lived 130 million years ago and descended from a cockroach-like ancestor.  
Termite Week

I save the best for last.

  • The total weight of all the termites in the world is more than the weight of humans in the world.

There are so many things that we do not know about these little pests. Never under estimate Termites no matter how small they may be.

Black Knight Fumigation

Megan Pinneo

Fumigation Treatment

Black Knight Fumigation

 We all have seen the tent covered house once or twice, and no it doesn't mean the Circus is in town.

There are several different ways to get rid of a termite problem and a fumigation is one commonly used by many home and business owners. A fumigation seems to bring up many questions and concerns, and hopefully I can answer some of those for you.

What is a fumigation?

A Fumigation is a method that uses a lethal gas to exterminate pests in an enclosed area.

What things do I need to do to prepare myself, family, and home before the fumigation?

People, pets and plants need to be removed from the home. Food and medications that are not sealed in highly resistant containers must be removed or sealed in protective bags and placed in the refrigerator. (Black Knight will provide the home owner with the needed bags up to a specific amount at no cost.)

How long will it take?

Depending on the type of infestation, size of the structure, dosage, and other factors, the fumigation can take anywhere from 6 hours to one week. Usually when using Black Knight Pest for the fumigation the tent will come down 3 days after the fumigation has taken place after 5 pm.

Does a fumigation smell?

No, structural fumigants are odorless.

Can anyone enter the structure while it is being fumigated?

Absolutely not. No one can enter the structure, doing so could result in serious injury or death.

Will a fumigation eliminate all the termites and pests?

The fumigation will not eliminate subterranean termites as they require separate treatment since their nests are underground.

The process of putting up the tent for the fumigation could take several hours depending on the size of the structure.

The process of putting up the tent for the fumigation could take several hours depending on the size of the structure.


There are many other questions that surround a fumigation that should be answered by a Professional. If you are concerned that you may be in need of a fumigation schedule a termite inspection with Black Knight and have a one on one with one of our Professional Termite Inspectors. They can answer any questions and or concerns that you may have and also give you a complete bid on the cost of a fumigation for your property.

Call Black Knight we are always happy to help.


It is recommended that you purchase a separate tile insurance for the roof. The professionals are extremely careful but a loss in a few pieces of tile may occur in the tenting process.  

It is recommended that you purchase a separate tile insurance for the roof. The professionals are extremely careful but a loss in a few pieces of tile may occur in the tenting process.  

How to Stay Pest-Free This Winter Season

Megan Pinneo

No one is immune to needing pest control. Murrieta homeowners and business-owners from all walks of life may find themselves in need of this service from time to time when rodents, insects and other pests find a way to get into their residence or property. As winter approaches, there is no denying that pests have more incentive to get inside and escape the increasingly cold temperatures and harsh weather conditions outdoors. In fact, a recent study showed that as many as 21 million American homes are invaded by rodents each year and once you factor in the statistics for spider control and termite control, Murrieta homeowners can see the risk is clear. We are here to help when pests are already in your home or place of business, but we also want to help share some simple tips to make this a less likely possibility. 

Here are a few simple steps you can follow to help avoid those pesky pests as the weather gets more frightful this season:

  • Anything that might attract pests, especially food, should be stored in sealed plastic containers rather than cardboard boxes.
  • Clean up all the dishes right after meals are over and pay extra attention to the cleanliness of countertops where food is chopped, as even the smallest crumbs can attract insects who can feed a whole colony from your unnoticeable scraps.  
  • Make sure your garbage cans are sealed well at all times and take out the trash as soon as it’s full. Also keep trash cans and chopped firewood away from the building so as not to invite unwanted guests in.
  • If you have a chimney, make sure it’s sealed with a screen. Do the same for all openings, such as vents, to prevent the need for rodent control. Murrieta homes with uncovered chimneys and vents are like beacons for rodents trying to get in from the cold.
  • Make sure all holes and cracks are sealed, and windows and basement foundations are sealed as tightly as possible, so pests ranging from spiders to termites to mice can’t get inside your home or place of business from the outside.
  • Keep your home dry and less appealing to pests by installing diverts or gutters around your roof and home.
  • Stay on the lookout for scurrying sounds, rodent feces, and gnaw marks in your home’s insulation and wiring. These are sure signs that rodents are inside and you need professional assistance.
  • Also stay on the lookout for signs of insect infestations such as termite droppings, ant trails, hopping fleas and eggs in webs that signal the need for bug and spider control. Murrieta residents should contact the professionals as soon as these telltale signs materialize.

If you find any of the signs mentioned in the last two steps, make sure to call us right away and don’t try to handle the problem with store-bought remedies. We’ll make sure the pests are gone for good without compromising the health and safety of your home and everyone indoors.