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Black Knight Termite and Pest Control owners have been residing in and serving the Temecula and Murrieta area for over 20 years.  Their goal is to provide customers with the best quality service through their expertise and professionalism.  They are committed to providing on-time service, competitive rates and thorough inspection

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Effective Ways to Pest-Proof your Home

Megan Pinneo

Image-1 (8).jpg

You can expect cozy flannels, delicious Maple Pecan lattes and messy pumpkin carving this season, but what you won't expect is the influx in pests in and around your home!

Pests often will seek shelter during the Fall and Winter months, particularly rodents, if you aren't adequately prepared. There are many effective ways to pest-proof your house without doing too much. Aside from maintaining your regularly scheduled pest control visits, some of these preventative measures can be as easy as general maintenance. Here's our advice: 

1.) Remove excess clutter, boxes or trash on the outside your home. Ensuring the lids on outdoor trash bins are closed at all times is also helpful. 

2.) Rake up leaves or excessive foliage that may have gathered around planter boxes and bushes overtime.

3.) Cut or trim back overgrown bushes and trees to help alleviate nesting from happening. Branches that lay on the roof are ideal for rodents to crawl onto your home! 

4.) Close up doggy doors, patch holes and/or fix loose piping that all serve as access points for critters. 

5.) Properly store dog food or cat food, preferably in metal bids with a lid that can't be chewed through such as plastic or cardboard. Rodents love nothing more than automatic feeders that are left outside!

All of these are effective methods to deter critters that are looking to escape from the cold and raise their families. If you find that you are hearing scurrying in the ceilings, there is a possibility that rodents are simply running across the roof of your home from the outside. However, if the scurrying persists or you simply would like to know for sure, give Black Knight a call and we can come out to perform a free inspection of your attic or areas of concern. Simply, Black Knight is here to help no matter what your pest problem is! Stay cozy, our friends.

Mosquito Prevention

Megan Pinneo

Mosquito Season


Mosquito season is here, it is important that you take a look around your home to identify if there are any areas in which mosquitos may be harboring. I have created a list of places you will want to identify and correct an issue if there is one.

  • Gutters - Remove leaves and debris
  • Kids pool and bird bath - Do not allow water to stand for long periods of time and frequently change water
  • Buckets - Remove water collecting in buckets
  • Trash Cans - Insure trash cans are tightly sealed
  • Leaky pipes - Repair any leaky pipes
  • Ponds and swimming pools - Keep swimming pools and ponds clean and treated regularly
Mosquitos in water

As you can tell after reading the provided list that the main thing you will want to do is eliminate any standing water. Mosquitos prefer to lay their eggs in stagnant water. While eliminating standing water will not completely rid a mosquito situation if there is one it will defiantly have a drastic impact on decreasing the amount of active mosquitos.

Mosquito Eggs in water

Mosquito Eggs in water