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Black Knight Termite and Pest Control owners have been residing in and serving the Temecula and Murrieta area for over 20 years.  Their goal is to provide customers with the best quality service through their expertise and professionalism.  They are committed to providing on-time service, competitive rates and thorough inspection

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Summer Ant Control Tips

Megan Pinneo


We can all agree that ants are a real nuisance this time of year as the temperatures heat up and colonies underground start feelin' the burn. Many ants will turn to the comfort of your own home to seek out food and moisture. Aside from keeping your trusty pest control company on speed dial during these summer months, here are some big helpful tips to keep the those little pests away!

First and foremost, after a pest control visit, ant activity may seem to get worse before it gets better. This is because if bait was used, the ants need time to carry the 'food' back to their colony in order to share, and this will be much more effective when wiping out the entire colony preventing future visitors of this particular colony. While it may be *extremely* difficult to avoid intervening with the invasion during this time, (DO NOT use your own Raid or pesticide to wipe them up right away) you need to let the bait work it's magic. After allowing the bait to be carried back by the ants over-night, carefully wipe down the counter with Windex the next day, which will remove any and all pheromones that the ants left behind so they won't be able to return. By this point, the colony should be wiped out and you can give yourself a congratulatory pat on the back! 

As you already know, ants are serious scavengers. It always helps stay ahead of an ant invasion by keeping crumbs swept up and pet kibble stored securely. We always advise buying plastic containers to store pet kibble so ants aren't attracted to the dry food. (Fun Fact: This will also double in preventing a rodent problem as well!) If you feed your pets outdoors and leave a bowl of kibble for them to graze on through out the day, we advise placing the food dish within a shallow bowl of water. This creates a moat around the food dish, making it impossible for ants to access the dry food within. We suspect that your pet will encounter less unwelcome guests to his or her dining experience when this method is used. 

In closing, if you have regular pest control service, just know that you have unlimited call backs in between services for reasons like ant invasions. We understand that regardless of taking ALL the preventative measures out there to avoid unwelcome pests, they can and will pop up every now and again. Please know that you are NEVER bothering us by requesting a callback visit, because will do whatever it takes to make sure you are living in a comfortable, pest-controlled environment. 

Mud Wasps

Megan Pinneo

I know you have seen their unmistakable Mud Nests in passing, they are hard not to take a second look at.

Mud Wasps aka Mud Daubers are a type of Wasp that makes their nests with mud.  There are several species, two of which are  Organ-pipe Wasps and Potter Wasps. 

Organ-Pipe Wasp

Organ-Pipe Wasp

Organ-Pipe Wasp Nest

Organ-Pipe Wasp Nest

Organ-Pipe Wasps are black in color, and mold their nests to look like a series of tubes similar to the pipes on an organ.

Potter Wasp with its Mud Nest.

Potter Wasp with its Mud Nest.

Potter Wasps are usually black and yellow in color and other times have white, orange or red markings.  The nests of the Potter Wasps resemble miniature pottery as shown in the picture above.

While Mud Daubers are not known to sting and can actually be Beneficial to us in helping reduce the number of Pest Insects and Spiders you do not want to disturb their nests.  Instead of taking the task on yourself and knocking down the Mud Nest they have worked hard to create call a Professional in Pest Control, I'm sure they would be happy to assist.

Black Knight Pest Control has your Wasp Nest Removal Services.