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Black Knight Termite and Pest Control owners have been residing in and serving the Temecula and Murrieta area for over 20 years.  Their goal is to provide customers with the best quality service through their expertise and professionalism.  They are committed to providing on-time service, competitive rates and thorough inspection

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Celebrating 20 Years

Megan Pinneo

20 years sticker.png

     We are so proud to announce that Black Knight Termite & Pest Control, Inc. celebrated our very own 20th anniversary last month! We have come a long ways since we first started, particularly growing our small family owned business to a slightly bigger family owned business! 

     Black Knight originally started 20 years ago with only 2 trucks and 2 employees. Since then, we have been so blessed by our community making it possible to expand our family to having 15 trucks and 18 employees! *gasp* We have broadened our areas of expertise significantly as well. We now offer a wide variety of pest services in addition to termite and general pest control, such as gopher control, rodent control, bird control as well as thermal heat treatment!

     Earlier this year, we also acquired a new pest control route taking Black Knight to Redlands, Riverside and Menifee for accounts ranging from commercial to residential. We have seen our greatest improvement in the amount of active pest control routes that we are continuously adding to. Overall, in our 20 years of business, Black Knight has had the pleasure of serving the Riverside, San Diego as well as San Bernardino counties respectfully. 

     We are very proud of where we come from and are looking forward to thriving in the New Year. In light of our 20 year anniversary, all of our trucks are fashioning the new decal posted above. Thanks for all your love and support as we continue doing what we love. Wishing you all a prosperous year



Effective Ways to Pest-Proof your Home

Megan Pinneo

Image-1 (8).jpg

You can expect cozy flannels, delicious Maple Pecan lattes and messy pumpkin carving this season, but what you won't expect is the influx in pests in and around your home!

Pests often will seek shelter during the Fall and Winter months, particularly rodents, if you aren't adequately prepared. There are many effective ways to pest-proof your house without doing too much. Aside from maintaining your regularly scheduled pest control visits, some of these preventative measures can be as easy as general maintenance. Here's our advice: 

1.) Remove excess clutter, boxes or trash on the outside your home. Ensuring the lids on outdoor trash bins are closed at all times is also helpful. 

2.) Rake up leaves or excessive foliage that may have gathered around planter boxes and bushes overtime.

3.) Cut or trim back overgrown bushes and trees to help alleviate nesting from happening. Branches that lay on the roof are ideal for rodents to crawl onto your home! 

4.) Close up doggy doors, patch holes and/or fix loose piping that all serve as access points for critters. 

5.) Properly store dog food or cat food, preferably in metal bids with a lid that can't be chewed through such as plastic or cardboard. Rodents love nothing more than automatic feeders that are left outside!

All of these are effective methods to deter critters that are looking to escape from the cold and raise their families. If you find that you are hearing scurrying in the ceilings, there is a possibility that rodents are simply running across the roof of your home from the outside. However, if the scurrying persists or you simply would like to know for sure, give Black Knight a call and we can come out to perform a free inspection of your attic or areas of concern. Simply, Black Knight is here to help no matter what your pest problem is! Stay cozy, our friends.

Attack of the Ants!

Megan Pinneo


Blame the heat for the ant invasion! According to CBS8 News, "San Diego has been hit with scorching heat, humidity and rain all of which force ants inside, because they don't want to be out in the extreme temperatures." The heat has forced ant colonies to seek refuge inside homes, where they have access to food and water as well as cooler temperatures. Unfortunately the rain hasn't helped much either, causing the same invasive reaction from the six-legged pests. 

Many customers have asked us where they come from when they suddenly appear, uninvited, in your kitchens and bathrooms. Most of the time, they come up through the piping and drains. (Which is super inconvenient, if were being honest.) The best way to eradicate your ant problem is to eliminate their food source by wiping down your counters and keeping pantry items stored away. While sugar is their favorite delicacy, ants are omnivorous which means they will eat whatever edible substance they can find. We understand that no matter how immaculate your home is, ants may still appear in hopes to scavenger something to bring back to their colony. While we can't speak for all ants species, the Argentine ants are the most common within the Southern California region. These are the little black ants that you commonly see crawling around on sidewalks. 

We have been very busy this week responding to ant calls and helping our customers out where we can. Having a pest control service in place is ideal for sporadic heat waves, such as this one, where follow up sprays are complimentary for our customers in between their regular services. We have a couple of different ways of eradicating ant problems (all which are covered under our general pest control services!) so give us a call today and we can partner you with a technician (Erm...hero! Minus the cape.) who can save you from your ant situation.  

Rodents: Everything You Never Wanted to (but need to) Know

Megan Pinneo

When it comes to rodent control, Murrieta homeowners often prefer to think this issue won’t affect them – until it does. Rats, mice and other common vermin have been the cause of anxiety and fear for centuries. Their reputation as disease carriers during the Great Plague and other epidemics certainly didn’t help ease such worries. From Cotton Rats, Norway Rats and Deer Mice to common house mice and roof rats, rodents can be serious hazards to the home. To make matters worse, they are seriously hard to control once they’ve made it in. So whether you’re interested in avoiding rodent infestations in the first place or already have a few uninvited house guests you need to get rid of, here are some basic facts you need to know.

The Common Culprits

Mice. From the city to the country, mice get into homes and apartments through a variety of strategic and often unnoticed entrances in search of warmth, food and water. While they might look harmless, each mouse you spot could potentially infect a great deal more food than it actually consumes. If you’ve spotted mouse droppings in your cupboards, you need to take action immediately. After washing out the cupboard and your hands, of course. 

Rats. While mice can be fairly easy to catch with common baits and traps, rats tend to be a bit more suspicious of such new additions. They tend to infest homes in packs for protection and community, and are more commonly found in harder-to-reach places like up in the attic, within the walls, and underneath the porch. In addition to contaminating food, rats are also likely to carry and spread diseases. They often bring other unwanted friends such as fleas and ticks into their unknowing host’s abodes as well. 

What to Expect After Spotting a Rodent

Whatever kind of rodents you happen to find in your home, you can expect that they will breed rapidly. Some rodents breed during certain times of the year, while others breed all year long to keep their population booming. Once they are in your home they will leave feces and urine that will contaminate surfaces. If you have spotted rats or mice you should make sure not to touch them or let children near them, as they may be carrying bacteria and they have sharp teeth. After sealing up any small spaces where these slippery little suckers might enter or re-enter, the first thing you should do is call a professional service provider specializing in pest control. Murrieta residents can call the team at Black Knight Termite & Pest Control for fast and reliable service whether they’ve spotted rodents or any other pests.

The best way to prevent further infestations is to keep food and water sources out of reach. This means keeping all food in tightly sealed containers, cleaning up crumbs and other food waste right away, and staying on top of garbage duty. Neighbors are also encouraged to band together in their efforts, as rodents often move from house to house. But first make sure to call our experts in pest and termite control. Murrieta residents are always better off when they have a professional on their side when rodents have gotten in their homes.