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 5 Indicators To Show That You Have Pesky Rodents In Your Home

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5 Indicators To Show That You Have Pesky Rodents In Your Home

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Embarrassing moments arise when you have a guest over and a mouse decides to scurry across the room interrupting the whole dinner. Alternatively, you are cooking with a friend only to get into the cardboard and remove what is clearly a gnawed pack of flour or loaf of bread. To avoid such situations, tackle the issue before hand by looking for the following signs in your home and calling pest control:      1.       The noises at night

One sure sign you have rodents in your home are the rustling noise you hear at night. They are more active at night when the house is quiet and they can move around with little bother looking for food. Listen for squeaks and scratches in locked areas such as wardrobes, drawers, cupboards and in between walls.

     2.       The black rice

Mice leave their droppings all over, given that in one day they will poop about 60 times. Once you see black droppings that resemble rice grains then you have mice in the house. You will find this black rice in areas they frequent especially where they get their food. Ensure you empty out your pantry shelves and cupboards in the kitchen to know whether you have mice.

     3.       Gnawing marks

To know the difference between a hole made in a food package by a mouse and any other thing is the gnaw marks. The hole made by a mouse will have razor edges. Mice like chewing on paper, plastic and bees wax. The chew on items for two main reasons: either get their way to a food source or get some material to make their nests.

     4.       Smell

Mice do not smell but their urine does. An area inhabited by mice for some time will have a distinctive musky smell. Check for such smells in hidden corners once you have another sign to back you up to establish whether the mice are in the house or live outside.

     5.       Mice nests

The final thing to look for is their area of living. Check for mice nests inside your sofas, under the furniture and in the attic. Mostly nests are in hidden and quiet corners.

Once you are sure you have mice activity in the house the last thing you should do is buy poison from the store. Poison to kill mice is very effective but it has one great disadvantage. Once the mouse eats the poison, they will not die on the spot. The discomfort will get them to their hiding place that is in hard to reach area. The smell exuded by a dead decomposing mouse is terrible and will make your house smell and even inhabitable. Imagine having 2 or 3 dead mice in your ceiling, you may have to deodorize you whole home

The best solution is to call a professional pest control service who knows of better and equally effective ways to get rid of the mice. After the mice are gone and a full inspection performed, ensure you get to maintain the house well by fixing it up. You may get rid of the mice but as long as your home has holes and entry points, other pests can get in. You might find yourself facing a snake or squirrel the next time so are you going to take a risk?