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Black Knight Termite and Pest Control owners have been residing in and serving the Temecula and Murrieta area for over 20 years.  Their goal is to provide customers with the best quality service through their expertise and professionalism.  They are committed to providing on-time service, competitive rates and thorough inspection

Local Flea Control Services - the Only Solution when Fleas Get Out of Control

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Local Flea Control Services - the Only Solution when Fleas Get Out of Control

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When it comes to flea control, Temecula is by no means immune to the problem. With so many local residents owning pets and even farm animals, fleas can quickly get out of control. At that point, professional flea and pest control services are the only answer to the problem. Just consider some of the facts about those “pesky” little fleas: Flea Control Temecula

The Facts about Fleas Did you know that if a single female flea lands on your dog or other furry friend, she will produce an average of 18 eggs per day? If you do the math, it’s easy to see that fleas reproduce at a rapid rate. They reproduce so rapidly that a single female flea could turn into thousands of fleas within a week, as long as she lays those 18 or so eggs, assuming the offspring continue the tradition. How many people own dogs, cats and other pets that attract fleas? Just one look at your local dog park should tell you the answer. And fleas cause more than annoyance to those beloved furry friends. They can cause a lot of complications, such as the following:

Complications of Fleas

• Failing to invest in flea control will make your dog or cats uncomfortable. • Scratching the fleas irritates pets’ skin and can lead to infections and other skin problems. • Fleas sometimes carry worms and other parasites that they could pass on to your pet. • Some pets develop anemia as a result of advanced flea infestations. • Fleas can sometimes even pass infections on to people, particularly children and seniors with lower immune systems.

Local Solutions for Flea Infestations

You may have tried and failed to nip the flea problem in the butt with a simple home remedy or medicine for your pet, but that is often not nearly enough to battle these infestations since they grow so rapidly. More advanced flea control methods will be necessary if the fleas have taken over your home or property, which is often the case. Professional flea removal methods are the best cure for your flea problems, so can rest assured the fleas won’t just return in full force as soon as you’ve gotten rid of them. A local flea control company such as Black Knight Termite & Pest Control understands the needs of area residents, and will be there time and time again whenever you need any sort of pest control services for your home or business in the future.