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Black Knight Termite and Pest Control owners have been residing in and serving the Temecula and Murrieta area for over 20 years.  Their goal is to provide customers with the best quality service through their expertise and professionalism.  They are committed to providing on-time service, competitive rates and thorough inspection

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Here comes the rain

Megan Pinneo

Bringing in the rain.. And the bugs

Ant in the rain

The rain is finally here and with the rain comes the bugs. Ever wonder why after a day of rain you see more worms, slugs, snails, ants, and other pests, it's because they are seeking higher ground. With the rain filling the places where they dwell they evacuate and do not return until the rain has stopped and their dwellings have dried. This is also why you may be seeing them in or around your home more as well. Insects see your home as the perfect spot to hold out till the rain has stopped. Watch out when you open that garage door, you may not be just pulling your car in for the night.

There are some things that you can do to keep them away.

  • Trim back any plants or foliage that may be close to or touching your home.
  • Seal any cracks or openings leading into your home.
  • Clear out any heavy storage in your garage.
  • Call a Pest Control Professional.

Don't be left out in the rain, take a few extra steps to help keep the pests out. Always remember that if you need some help with these creepy crawlers call Black Knight Pest Control 951.694.8100 and we will battle the rain and the bugs so you don't have to.

Stay dry and pest free.

The Bullet Ant

Megan Pinneo

Parponera Clavata

aka "Bullet Ant"

Thought you had an ant problem? Try living in the Amazonian Forest and having to deal with Bullet Ants. If your living in Nicaragua, Honduras, Paraguay or Costa Rica you know just what kind of ant I am talking about. The Bullet Ant is also known as the 24hour Ant which describes the lasting pain after a sting. A sting from the Bullet Ant can leave its victim weak, swollen and wiped out. In question to whether or not a Bullet Ant can kill a human is most likely only if the victim has an allergic reaction to the bite  or not.

Be Warned

The Bullet Ant will never attack unless provoked. They will first release a strong odor to serve as a warning before it will attack. While they are intimidating they will warn you first, don't say I didn't tell you so.

Tribe Rituals

Some native tribes use the Bullet Ants in initiation ceremonies for bringing young men into adulthood. The elders of the tribe first gather many of the ants and sedate them with a drug to make them drowsy long enough to place them into large woven mitts. Next, the young males must wear the mitts filled with the angry waking Bullet Ants for 10 minutes. They must endure the continuing pain of the bites for at least the next 24hours.  This ritual is done a total of 20 times in order to bring the young men into adulthood. Good thing we do not have Bullet ants here in the states!

Just Plain Ants

While you probably don't have a problem with angry Bullet Ants on your hands you may have a pesky plain ant problem taking over your kitchen, and if that is the case you need a Professional to help you with that. Call Black Knight Pest Control and ask about our Ant Control Service. We have a plan that will work for you!





Megan Pinneo


Beware of Scorpions

During periods of hot weather scorpions are known to enter the home through any cracks or openings that there may be in and around the home. They tend to favor crawl spaces and attics once inside the home. Scorpions are nocturnal therefor can mostly be seen at night. Their diet mostly consists of insects such as crickets, cockroaches and spiders and can survive for months without food as long as they have a water source.

The Sting

As a defense mechanism scorpions are known to sting. If a human is stung by a scorpion they most likely would experience mild symptoms similar to a bee sting. There are some species of scorpions that carry a dangerous venom which can be fatal to humans.


If you are concerned about scorpions being a threat to your home you may want to take some precautions to help keep them away. Start by eliminating places around your home where these pests can harbor such as wood piles, trash and debris. If you are storing any firewood on the property make sure that is at least 20ft away from your home. Also, sealing any cracks in and around your home is a must, this will not only keep scorpions out but any other pests that may be wanting to enter your home as well. Be sure that all screens on windows and doors are secure and without and any tears. Last, check that the garage door closes to the ground and there is not an opening for them to crawl in.

Black Knight Pest Control



Spring Time Pests

Megan Pinneo

The Pests of Spring

Even though some days may still be a little gloomy and may even bring some unwanted yet much needed rain, spring is here and so are the Spring Time Pests. I have put together some of the common pests you will be seeing this season if you haven't already.

Queen Bumblebee

Only the fertilized queen bumblebee will survive the winter after which she will emerge in the spring. She will then search for her desired nesting site where she will construct a suitable home, there she will prepare for her offspring.

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

Subterranean Termites

The spring combination of humidity and warmth is the perfect weather for subterranean termites to come out and swarm which they tend to do in the early mornings.




Spiders mate in the spring followed by the hatching of their eggs.




Spring is when flies emerge from their infant stages and often become a common pest at our outdoor picnics.

Black Ants

Black Ants

Black Ants

Springtime is ANTtime, this is when they invite themselves into your home and help themselves to any food they can get to.

House Centipedes

House Centipedes

House Centipedes

These scary yet harmless pests are often found climbing out of household drains and scrambling across the floors in your home.

There are many other Spring Time Pests that you may come across this season and while there are several things that you can do to help keep them at bay calling a professional is always a sure fire way to get rid of them with out the hassle.

Black Knight Pest Control is here to answer all your Spring Time Pest questions and concerns.

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