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Top 4 Common Behaviors That Attract Ants

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Top 4 Common Behaviors That Attract Ants

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Ant infestations are among the most common pest control problems homeowners face, and they are common for a reason. Some infestations are small enough that they don’t require pest control companies, such as when you spot a few ants when the extreme hot or cold weather has inspired the colony to look for shelter. If you keep seeing ants on a regular basis, though, it means they are looking for a more permanent home. And they’ve probably decided on yours because they’ve found a source of food. Several simple behaviors, which most people are guilty of at least occasionally, can easily invite ants into your home and make it a pleasant place for them to stay. These are the top four behaviors that may leave you in need of an ant control service:Ant Control Service Temecula California

  1. A bowl of fruit and a habit of leaving food out.

    Leaving a bowl of fruit out is so common that it’s often a subject for works of fine art, but when it becomes over-ripe it can attract ants. Any uncovered plates of food will do the same thing. You’re better off buying under-ripe fruit and letting it hit its peak in your home, and keeping any opened containers of food in the fridge.

  2. A few drops or crumbs here and there.

    Not many among us can claim to be innocent of this crime: leaving a spill or a few crumbs on a countertop and telling yourself you’ll get to it in the morning. Perhaps it was a midnight snack, or a few remnants of red wine left on the table after a dinner party. Leave it for later, though, and you’re leaving the invitation open for ants to come in and have a nosh.

  3. A not-so-thorough cleaning routine.

    Most people clean at least a little bit every day, but oftentimes it is only a surface cleaning that covers the spaces people can see and leaves all sorts of dirt and food residue in places where people can’t see. Wiping down the microwave, shelves and under the fridge just once a week should help avoid a huge home pest control problem.

  4. A sink full of dirty dishes.

    We’ve all been there. You get home from work, prepare a nice meal, and afterwards all you want to do is lie down and relax. Saving this post-meal chore for the next day can leave a huge meal waiting for ants to munch on, though. So if you’re too tired to wash the whole lot, at least rinse all the food remnants off with warm water and either leave them wet in the sink or stack them in the dishwasher.

If you’ve been guilty of one of these common behaviors and found ants have come to stay, the good news is that we’re here to help. From ants to termite control, Black Knight has the time-tested solutions that homeowners in Southern California rely on to fix the problem fast.