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Top 8 Tips for Spider Control

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Top 8 Tips for Spider Control

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So you’re interested in learning more about spider control. Temecula, like many other warm and dry inland cities of Southern California, is quite a hospitable place for spiders. And if you’re like most people, you find spiders to be a bit creepy. Their webs, their many eyes, their fangs, the way they crawl, the way they catch their prey … for some it can be downright horrifying! There’s good reason to be scared of spiders, though. Some of them are so poisonous that a venomous bite can potentially be fatal, and others can at least send you to the doctor’s office. Here are eight simple tips to help keep these creepy crawlers out of your home:Ant contol, pest control Temecula

1. Keep Entryways Covered

Chimneys, vents, and torn window screens are perfect entryways for spiders, even when the hole is extremely small! Covering up these potential entryways will deter many arachnids.

2. Seal Your Home

Sealing up your home is another excellent spider deterrent. Temecula homeowners are encouraged to patch up any cracks or holes in the structure and fill in sizeable gaps with caulk, including areas around cables, wires, and faucets that lead outside.

3. Clear Outside Vegetation

Clearing vegetation and debris such as stones and leaves from the home’s perimeter will help in your goals of outdoor spider control. Temecula homeowners that keep vegetation such as flowers, ivy, shrubs, and trees directly around the perimeter of their homes are giving spiders plenty of places to hide and seek out food sources. Soon enough, they’ll be in your home once they’ve scoped out the right cracks to sneak in through.

4. Don’t Light Their Way

If you keep outdoor lights on during the night, spiders will be able to find your home – and all its hidden entry points – much more easily. It’s not that spiders didn’t see your home before. You simply attract other bugs that spiders will want to eat when you leave the lights on. Like a moth to a flame, as the say.

5. Declutter Your Home

Clutter also gives spiders a place to hide. So get rid of the junk, clean those piles of dirty clothes, toss out those old newspapers, and get your house in order if you want to deter spiders.

6. Use Plastic Containers for Storage

Unlike cardboard boxes, which spiders can easily crawl into, plastic bins with sealable lids are pretty hard to infiltrate.

7. Clean Up After Yourself

Simply cleaning up after yourself and regularly sweeping/vacuuming will go a long way in your efforts of indoor spider control. Temecula residents are also encouraged to wipe down tables and counters after eating or preparing meals. Food crumbs might not attract spiders, but they will attract other insects that spiders want to eat.

8. Get Rid of Spiders on Sight

You might still catch some spiders in your home after you’ve already tried the above methods of natural spider control. Temecula residents should act fast if this happens, vacuum up the spider and all its webs and eggs, and then empty the bag outside.

If the infestation becomes severe, however, you will need professional assistance. Call Black Knight today if you need help with a spider problem that’s gotten out of control. Ant contol, pest control Temecula